Why is Renting a Crane More Practical than Purchasing One?

March 25, 2022

For decades, contractors in the construction industry have relied on cranes in constructing different buildings and structures. After all, cranes have all the necessary components for lifting, hoisting, and moving heavy objects and materials.

Cranes are powerful tools that are often maximised in various construction projects as they can transport heavy loads without any issues. These tools, however, can be expensive. And while some contractors can invest in and purchase some cranes for their intended applications, they might have to opt for other types of cranes in completing new kinds of projects.

Purchasing the cranes alone can be expensive. Subsequently, the storage, maintenance, and transport of cranes from one site to another can also cost a lot of resources. And so, many contractors opt for crane rentals due to the following reasons.

Significant Savings

One of the reasons why renting a crane is more practical than purchasing one is it can provide significant savings. As mentioned, a crane that is newly purchased requires proper storage and maintenance to ensure its longevity. Additionally, a new crane would also have to be transported to a project site so it can be used. What is common about these activities is they require a huge amount of money just to be carried out effectively. Opting for a crane rental, on the other hand, provides significant savings since the storage, maintenance, and transport of the cranes are already shouldered by crane rental companies. Contractors must only pay a fixed amount to have the rented cranes transported to their site.

Numerous Choices

Another reason why crane rental is more practical than purchasing a crane is it offers numerous choices to contractors. Various construction projects may look similar. However, the processes involved in concluding the projects can be different. And so, some of them might require a special type of crane that can be costly to purchase. Fortunately, crane rental companies offer a wide array of cranes so they can cater to the needs of different contractors. Some of their cranes may be able to traverse rocky terrain, while others are intended to be placed in just a single area. The crane components may also differ based on their overall specifications, materials, and other important elements.

Guaranteed Safety

One more reason why renting a crane is more practical than purchasing a new crane is it is guaranteed to be safe. Crane rental companies spend their resources assessing, maintaining, and servicing the cranes. They do this to ensure that the cranes they will offer to contractors remain operational. Aside from ensuring regular upkeep of the cranes, these companies likewise have in-house crane operators and other related experts so that contractors can have the option to hire them alongside the cranes. Crane rentals can also guarantee safety as crane rental companies often have standby experts that can troubleshoot the rented cranes if ever some issues occur.

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