What are the Main Responsibilities of a Boilermaker?

November 18, 2021

Commercial and industrial buildings utilise boilers to ensure optimal daily operations. Boilers burn combustible fuel or use electricity to heat water, which can be utilised in powering the buildings.

Boilers, in particular, have been useful for a lot of buildings and facilities due to the amount of electricity they can produce. Through burning coal, natural gas, or nuclear fuel, a significant amount of energy can be utilised to heat water. As the steam comes off, it can then generate electricity, powering tools and equipment pieces that are vital to their daily operations.

The construction, assembly, maintenance, and repairs of boilers must be done optimally for them to perform well. Fortunately, boilermakers can be hired as they have all the knowledge and experience in conducting the previously stated activities.

A Quick Overview of Boilermakers

Boilermakers are professionals who construct, assemble, maintain, and repair various boilers and their respective accessories or attachments. They likewise cater to the servicing of large vessels and containers, which can be very helpful in maintaining the operations of commercial and industrial buildings.

Professionals conducting these jobs generally follow blueprints to properly align structures or plate sections of boiler frame tanks. They also clean boilers and furnaces, as well as inspect and repair a wide array of boiler fittings such as auxiliary machines, safety valves, and regulators.

Before boilermakers can conduct these operations, they must have enough experience and certification in welding and other activities necessary. They must likewise know how to utilise hand and power tools, wedges, turnbuckles, wedges, and many more.

Boilermakers’ Key Responsibilities

All the activities needed to be done by boilermakers can only be successful if they precisely follow the blueprints. Blueprints help them pinpoint the locations, positions, or dimensions of the parts being assembled, maintained, or repaired. 

Once they have reviewed the blueprints, they can essentially install small pre-fabricated boilers into buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial and industrial properties. They can also lay out pre-made components of large boilers before their assembly. After assembling boilers, they can subsequently assemble boiler tanks through robotic or automatic welding tools.

Now, if some of the boilers manifest some issues, boilermakers will bring all the right tools to test and inspect the boiler systems. They will most likely check leaks, defects, and other issues and develop courses of action to repair or fix them. Typically, boilermakers replace or repair joints, pipes, and valves.

Boilermakers do not only assemble, test, and repair boilers and their parts, but they also clean them. They normally maximise cleaning solvents, scrapers, and wire brushes to clean these components.

Hire Qualified Boilermakers Today

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