Understanding What Bull Rigging is All About

October 16, 2019

When you hear the term “bull rigging” for the first time, you may automatically think that it is a rodeo setup for riding bulls or something used on a cattle ranch, but nothing is further from the truth. This actually is a type of rigging used regularly in places where an overhead or a mobile crane cannot access. At times, professionals refer to this as hand rigging, drifting or Tarzaning. Often, it is combined with other types of rigging to accomplish various tasks, such as transferring a load to or from a structure with the help of a crane hook.

Bull Rigging Requires Some Manual Operation

To perform tasks involving this type of rigging, the riggers typically need to manually hoist up the load to attach to a trailing hoist. Also, the riggers may need to use pulleys, ropes, cables, winches, sheaves and blocks to move the size and weight of the load. Most of the situations where bull rigging is necessary are in tight places where other equipment cannot fit into it in a workable manner.

Equipment Used in Bull Rigging

Various types of equipment go into accomplishing the right setup for this type of rigging, including such items as:

• Lever or come-a-long hoists
• Chain falls
• Mechanical or hydraulic jacks
• Skates, casters or rollers
• Rigging blocks
• Winches

Skills Needed to be a Bull Rigger

Since the locations that require bull rigging are tight and challenging, the riggers who perform it must be specially trained to deal with any issues that can arise. They need to be able to perform the following efficiently:

• Estimating load weight
• Discovering the weight distribution of the load and its relationship to the overall weight
• Locating the centre of gravity or C/G and how it can affect the load
• Knowing the force that is needed to pull the load up on an inclined surface or to hold it back sufficiently during unloading
• Making the necessary calculations of the mechanical advantage as it relates to block loading along with the frictional gain for a multi-part block and winch system

Leave Bull Rigging to the Professionals for Safe, Effective Results

Due to the fact that projects that require any type of bull rigging can pose a risk of injury, only professionals should perform it for you to receive effective, safe results. For this reason, turn to our company, Adz Lift Crane Hire, for not only this type of rigging but also for crane rental services, and other types of rigging and lifting solutions. We complete your projects in a quality, timely and safe fashion.