Top 4 Tips for Preparing the Worksite for the Arrival of Your Rented Crane

May 10, 2022

Many construction companies nowadays allocate a lot of their budget to acquiring different types of cranes. Cranes are useful to them since they can lift, move, and lower various loads across their project sites. Without them, numerous construction projects will not be completed on time.

Some cranes can work optimally if they are erected in just one place. Others, alternatively, can move around a project site, granting workers the capability to move loads in different project areas. One limitation of cranes, however, is they are not cheap. Hence, a huge number of construction companies opt for crane hire services. These services, after all, are more affordable and more practical than purchasing different types of cranes.

If you have rented a crane, it is your responsibility to prepare the worksite before its arrival. Here are some tips that you can do to prepare your worksite.

  1. Review Task Details

One of the most important things that you should do when preparing your worksite is to review your task details. Contractors that have skipped this step mostly end up with rented cranes that are not compatible with their project requirements. And with these cranes, they do not have any choice but to either use them or return them. These cranes do not only waste their time but also their budget. When reviewing task details, you must assess the crane ordered, load weight and shape, lift height requirement, and terrain type. Your rented crane must fit all these details to avoid wasting valuable resources.

2. Clear the Pathway

Cranes do not possess the same dimensions. Some may have a compact form factor, while others may have wide dimensions. No matter what their specifications are, their pathway needs to be clear of any dirt piles, bumps, equipment pieces, and other impeding elements. If your site has tight entryways, you must ensure that their opening will be wide enough for your crane to fit through.

3. Prepare Site Terrain

Many cranes today are designed to move across rough terrain, large bumps, and other difficult site conditions. However, they might not be able to generate their operations if they are situated on unstable grounds, ditches, and drop-offs. Their operations may also be limited by hanging overhead utility lines, tree branches, and scaffolding. These things must all be reviewed and treated before your rented crane’s arrival to ensure the smooth flow of your site project.

4. Conduct Pre-Inspection

Pre-inspection is a vital activity that should always be conducted before utilising the rented crane. Your rented crane, after all, has components that must be operated carefully to avoid causing structural damage and injuries. Some things that must be done during a pre-inspection are job hazard analysis, daily risk meetings, pre-lift job walks, and site assessment. Safety measures must then be implemented based on these activities.

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