Top 4 Signs Your Crane Needs Immediate Repairs

July 23, 2021

Cranes have been very useful in a wide variety of industrial applications. Their core components allow them to move heavy materials around the site. They can likewise lift and place them to specific locations, ensuring that other tasks can proceed right away. The use of cranes around the worksite makes the load lifting and moving operations efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

All these functions make them suitable for a lot of industries. But for them to operate properly, they must be maintained regularly. They must also be inspected to determine the condition of their parts. If you have spotted the following signs during an inspection, then they need to be repaired immediately.

Damaged Components

One sign that calls for immediate crane repairs is the existence of damaged or worn parts. Cranes are rated to carry out operations for a long time, especially if they are made from durable and high-quality materials. But even with these types of cranes, they can still deteriorate over time due to repetitive use and exposure to elements. Some of the crane components may start to crack, warp, or corrode, while others might stretch beyond their limit. Damages may often occur on bearings, chains, shaft, sheaves and drums, pins, rollers, and welds, so you must not forget to check on these core crane components.

Loose Crane Elements

Aside from damaged components, another sign that tells you to have your cranes repaired is the presence of loose crane elements. Your crane components have not been damaged yet, but if they start to become loose, then they can affect their whole operations and even cause some injuries or damages. For instance, the chains of your cranes might be gradually wearing out. And if these components suddenly break during the operation, then the heavy objects might be at risk of falling directly on workers on the ground. Loose elements can also be identified if your cranes have skew and alignment issues.

Leaking Components

Just like other tools and equipment pieces, leaks on cranes can also appear. Most of the time, leaks may occur in engines, hoses, and cylinders. Failure to resolve leak issues may generate a couple of things. First, engine leaks can cause the cranes to shut down regularly. Second, leaks in hoses are caused by the deformation of their outer covering, which can lead to the failure of the cranes to run optimally. As for the cylinders, the existence of leaks on these parts will only cause some drifting. All these leaking components must be resolved and repaired right away to prevent operational and safety issues.

Electrical System Issues

One more prominent sign that requires immediate repair of the cranes is the presence of electrical system issues. These problems are often related to the collector and conductor bars. Buttons, levers, and crane’s controls can also be affected by these issues and can only be fixed if they are rewired or repaired. Since electrical system issues can be dangerous to resolve without any professional help, then you might want to contact a qualified technician. Resolving electrical system issues as soon as you spot them can prevent crane failures and injuries.

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