Things to Consider Before Hiring a Mobile Crane for Your Melbourne Construction Project

October 9, 2020

Cranes are generally useful for construction projects since they help in lifting and moving heavy materials and equipment around the project sites. Without cranes, it would be truly difficult and can take a very long time just for the contractors to transfer objects from one place to another.

A lot of construction projects have hugely appreciated the features and capabilities of mobile cranes. Just like heavy-duty cranes, these cranes can effectively raise, lower, and move heavy objects all over the project site. One great thing about mobile cranes is that they come in small form factors and are often equipped with crawlers or rubber-tired undercarriage.

If you intend to utilise mobile cranes for your construction project, then there are some important things that you should remember before hiring them.

Load Weight

Cranes, whatever their type is, are capable of lifting and moving load at a certain weight limit. But once the maximum load weight is reached, then it will become dangerous for the crane to operate. Mechanical failures or accidents might occur once the crane handles materials that are beyond its load capacity. Therefore, the current and future weight of your load must be calculated thoroughly. Afterward, you must match the calculated weight with the best mobile crane available for smoother crane operations. Working within the recommended weight capacity would be best for the whole crane operations.

Lift Height

Another thing to consider before hiring a mobile crane is the lift height. The lift height of the mobile crane matters as it can make or break the whole crane operations. Hiring the wrong mobile crane might incur some more expenses since you need to hire another set of cranes that can finally reach higher levels. If you truly want a seamless crane operation, then you must initially calculate the proposed height of your lift activities before choosing a mobile crane that has the same or even a longer reach. A compatible mobile crane can easily get the whole crane job done.

Height Clearance

Aside from the primary crane functionalities, you must also consider height clearance. Crane operations are often hindered by elements that surround them up high. Some of these elements usually include tall buildings, overhead utility lines, and tree branches. Without any precautions, the mobile crane may come into contact with these elements, which then result in accidents around the site. Power lines can electrocute the crane operator, while trees can damage the crane or cause instability. So, before hiring and operating the mobile cranes, any obstruction on the site must be removed meticulously.

Site Terrain

Mobile cranes can be easily transported to any construction site. However, the terrain of the site can significantly affect their overall operations, particularly their stability and manoeuvrability. Some mobile cranes are intended to work on very rough terrain, while others can only work on terrains that are soft and flat. Another related factor of terrain that you should consider before hiring mobile cranes would be the weather conditions. Wind, rain, and heat can affect the performance of mobile cranes. Choosing the wrong mobile crane can slow down the whole operations and risk accidents and property damages. For more information about mobile cranes, feel free to contact us at Adz Lift Crane Hire.