The Significance of Choosing the Right Crane for the Lifting Job

November 8, 2021

Industries such as construction, manufacturing, and automotive utilise cranes in ensuring that materials can be lifted, moved, and lowered to different locations.

What makes cranes capable of conducting their functions is the presence of smartly engineered components. One of their components is the boom, which extends further to ensure that the materials can be lifted and moved around the site securely. The hoist, which is located at the end of the boom, is intended to provide the crane’s lifting power. It is comprised of wires that can run up and down the crane. The materials being lifted are then connected to the hook, which is a part that is connected to the hoist. 

Almost all cranes have all these components. However, not all of them can be suitable for all project sites. Some may have to be fixed to the ground, while others are designed to move around the site.

Choosing the Right Crane is Necessary

As previously mentioned, many industries maximise the lifting capabilities of the cranes. But they cannot all share the same type of cranes in finishing their required lifting jobs. A number of these lifting projects may be done at high-rise buildings, which can be a perfect job for tower cranes. Other projects, on the other hand, would be done mostly on the ground with different types of terrains. In this case, both crawler and all-terrain cranes can get the lifting job done without any issues.

Given these examples, it would be truly important for project sites to choose the right crane. Without choosing the right crane for their respective projects, contractors and business owners may end up wasting a lot of time and money. Failure to acquire or hire the right cranes can likewise generate safety risks to people on-site, especially if they require the lifting of very heavy objects or materials.

With the right cranes, lifting projects on various sites can be done appropriately and safely.

Key Factors in Picking the Right Crane

If you need to obtain the best crane for your lifting job, then here are some factors that you must consider.

  • Terrain Type: Cranes require a stable footing to ensure that they can operate properly and safely. Hence, you must know the qualities of your site terrain. A crawler crane or a rough terrain crane can be great for you if your site has unstable and patchy terrain.
  • Accessibility: Another factor that you must consider when picking a crane is site accessibility. The qualities of the path towards your site must be identified so that the right crane can be picked.
  • Load Weight: Cranes are usually designed to lift and move a certain amount of load. Opting for cranes that cannot handle your load will only lead to costly problems. When picking a crane, you must know the average weight of the load you intend to lift throughout your project duration.
  • Lift Height: Just like load weight, knowing the lift height right away can help you pick a crane that meets this specific requirement.

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