The Most Common Causes of Crane Failure

January 27, 2021

Cranes are designed to effectively lift and lower heavy objects from one place to another. These movements allow site projects to move things efficiently, cutting a huge amount of waiting time just for these things to reach a specific area. Mostly used in transport and construction industry, these special pieces of equipment can truly make load transfer easier.

While most cranes are intended to withstand elements and last for a long time, there are still instances wherein they would fail and affect the whole load transfer activities. What is worse with these failures is that they would often cause damages to properties as well as injuries to the people around the cranes.

Fortunately, crane failures can be prevented if you know their main causes. Here are some of the most common causes of crane failure.

Malfunctioning Wires

One of the most common causes of crane failure is the existence of faulty wires. Without regular wire inspections, you may be surprised by how they have sustained serious damages. Faulty wires are often caused by overloading the crane, fatigue, pre-existing or manufacturing defect, and deterioration over long time of use. Faulty wires can be risky as the load may suddenly drop to the ground.

Ungreased Sheaves

Cranes have components that must be greased regularly to avoid catastrophic failures. One of these components is the sheaves. The bearing of the sheaves must be greased locally so they can work optimally. If these components are not greased for a long time, then they can easily cause the failure of the crane. Ungreased sheaves would normally accelerate the wearing and deterioration of the wires.

Bearings Misuse

Slew bearings must only be used according to specific functions and situations. They must also be monitored and maintained regularly so that their functionalities will not be affected once the crane operates again. Without conducting these things, the slew bearings can affect the cranes negatively. Misused and unmaintained bearings can easily topple and knock down the whole crane.

Crane Mishandlings

Crane operators have all the needed skills and experience in performing crane operations and maintenance. Some of them, however, tend to be too confident about their roles, which often lead to drastic crane failures. Crane mishandlings can happen when an operator has swung the crane to a wrong direction or has filled the crane beyond its limits. These cases can easily cause damages and injuries.

Lack of Maintenance

While most crane parts do not truly need to be maintained regularly, some of them must still be assessed and maintained even though they are advertised as “maintenance-free” by their manufacturers. For optimum use of cranes, all parts and components that constantly move while operations must be inspected and subsequently repaired or replaced whenever necessary.

These common causes of crane failure can be quickly diagnosed and prevented if project managers or owners will choose a reliable and professional crane hire company. Hiring a great crane hire company can likewise help them avoid accidents or injuries and expensive structural damages. If you want to hire a reliable crane hire company for your site, then feel free to contact us at Adz Lift Crane Hire.