The Importance of Hiring Reliable Crane Operators and Riggers

October 11, 2021

Cranes have been pivotal to a lot of construction projects due to their primary functions. Through their hook, wire rope, sheaves, boom, outriggers, hoist, jib, and other main components, cranes can conveniently lift, move, and lower heavy load from one place to another.

But for their primary functions to be carried out safely, they would require proper control and guidance from reliable and experienced professionals. Both crane operators and riggers must be present during crane operations since they have been trained to operate alongside various types of cranes. They likewise have enough knowledge and experience in conducting the necessary operations of the cranes.

Hiring both crane operators and riggers can ensure that the entire crane operations can be done properly and safely. Various problems and hazards related to cranes are likewise minimised or even prevented once they are hired. Here are some more things that you need to know about them.

Crane Operators

Crane operators, as their name implies, are professionals who are responsible for the control over the operation of the cranes. Each crane is designed to be controlled by only one crane operator, ensuring that their processes and functions will not be altered spontaneously by other people.

For crane operators to be efficient, they must know all the working principles of various types of cranes. They must also have sufficient knowledge about all the parts of the cranes. From buttons down to the levers inside the cabin, crane operators should be confident enough in controlling and managing the movement of components intended to lift, move, and lower heavy load around the site. Ultimately, they must be alert at all times when conducting critical crane operations. 

Extensive hands-on training sessions are often taken by crane operators so they can handle the crane operations without any failure. And as a guarantee and proof of their expertise in crane operations, they are often given certification from an accredited organisation.


Riggers, alternatively, are professionals who are responsible for attaching the load to the crane properly. Cranes are not designed to acquire the load all by themselves. Hence, contractors have to hire riggers for the right attachment of load to the cranes.

Crane operators have to ensure that the cranes can move safely during the lifting of the load. Riggers, alternatively, must make sure that the load will be attached to the cranes securely, preventing it from falling spontaneously. They also ensure that the heavy objects will not slip out of their rigging. Once they have identified a potential problem on the rigging, they must know how to resolve them right away to avoid anyone from getting injured and prevent structural damages.

Some more responsibilities of riggers include the proper assembly and disassembly of rigging equipment, efficient hooking and unhooking of the objects, and smart guidance of the loads. Just like crane operators, they must also be trained and certified before they could conduct professional works. To hire the best crane operators and riggers for your project, feel free to call us at Adz Lift Crane Hire.