Structural Steel Erection and Crane Hire Services: Adz Lift is Your One-Stop Shop

March 25, 2019

What if a structural steel erection service offered an unbroken, all-in-one construction methodology? Instead of a piecemeal approach, where different contractors provide different competency levels, a single one-stop shop would do all of the work. From the crane loading and unloading, including all rigging and lifting duties, to the assembly of the steel beams, the project is in the hands of one uniquely qualified erection service. That’s not some pipe dream, it’s the Adz Lift method. 

An Unbroken Project Chain

It’s not easy to coordinate a small group of construction experts. Undoubtedly capable in their own way, they employ different ways of gaining the same results. Then there are scheduling conflicts to solve, different foremen and chargehands to deal with, and all manner of liaison-prejudiced nightmares to manage. Right from the start, the Adz Lift advantage hopscotches such productivity-skewing issues. The job is assigned to a newly maintained crane, a mobile lifter that’s chosen just for that project, and the construction teams take shape, each with a competent person ready to take charge. And, just as a by-the-way, the benefits stressed here are directed at productivity matters, but they could just as easily be applied to safety issues. 

The In-House Erection Professionals

Of even more importance, structural steel erection work is rarely confined to one spot. There are fastening and welding jobs to do onsite, of course, but then there are the in-shop jobs, too. Partially assembled and prefabricated on the shop floor, large frame sections are inspected then transported. They arrive on the worksite. Are they then handed off to a different contractor? Are they offloaded to a contractor who doesn’t know the ins-and-outs of the prefabrication sector? No, for the Abz Lift integrated services team, that would be an unacceptable way of conducting business. From start to finish, from fabrication to site installation, every phase of the job is kept solely under the operational auspices of a company who has both the crane lifting resources and the wherewithal to erect those heavy structural elements. 

One last thing, when a crane hire service adds structural steel erection experts to its operations repertoire, that one-stop shop gains a degree of scalable proficiency that’s beyond reproach. If the lifting teams base their services on a credentials-appraised work mode, one that hinges upon a reliable way of performing every lift-and-carry, then that reliability factor will invariably be carried over. It’s a simple mathematical progression. Reliability breeds reliability, from the first shop-assembled fastener to the last lifted and welded steel beam or building panel. For Adz Lift, that’s not just a way of doing things, it’s a steel-plated promise.