Safe Crane Operations with High Precision Standards: Contact Adz Lift Crane Hire

January 20, 2020

Cranes used in a construction project are being operated by professionals. These people are licensed and are adept at all the things and factors about cranes that one should know. In fact, using a crane requires skill, extreme care and caution, wise judgement, alertness, and knowledge about safety rules and practices.

When looked from the ground, cranes appear to be manoeuvred very easily. The truth, however, is that operating cranes can go wrong even if you did not do anything wrong or against the rules. One example of the dangers of operating cranes might be a crane collapse where casualties for both employees and bystanders may occur. Another example is when the load falls to the ground or the sling lines slips. High winds and tight spaces can trigger this danger so watch out. Another danger is when there is a lack of communication and awareness among the team in the field. This type of danger can affect the operations and even lead to quarrels, injuries, or deaths.

The mentioned dangers in operating cranes can be prevented if the contractor will follow high precision standards as stated by the law. High precision standards for safe crane operations can be achieved if the following things are followed. 

Plan and Assess Everything

Even with years of experience, those who are handling crane operations can still commit mistakes. They also still wait for instructions from the one who will be handling and leading the project. For a successful and safe crane operation, the one who leads the whole team, or the supervisor, must plan and set everything before the actual crane operations begin. This plan consists of all the foreseeable risks that may hamper the operations. 

A supervisor also conducts a risk assessment, formulate an operational plan, identify all required resources, set up procedures, and assign responsibilities. These elements are crucial so that everyone is on the same page with the impending crane operations.

Maintain Safe Crane Operations

For the part of crane operators, they must ensure that everything is planned out carefully. Depending on the objects that will be lifted, some operators must take time to analyse and assess the best way to lift and transfer objects. If the lift will be complicated and complex, then a plan must be written or plotted down to make sure a lift will be successful.

Aside from the planning of the lift, crane operators should also review and prepare all the things required in crane assembly and dismantling. They should also check the whole crane and maintain it regularly. All safety and signalling equipment must also be used appropriately for the sake of workers and pedestrians. Besides, supervisors are there to verify and double-check the progress of the crane operations. 

Undergo Examination

Every crane that will be used out in the field must pass a series of exam first. Lifting cranes can be dangerous to the people in the construction site since they weigh a lot. The exam and assessment of these cranes must be done at prescribed intervals. Just like regular exams, there will be records showing that the cranes are safe to operate.  These standards make sure that your crane operations will be safe throughout the duration of the project. If you want to hire some cranes for lifting tasks, then contact us now at Adz Lift Crane Hire.