Reliable Rigging Services: Top 3 Qualities of a Professional Rigger

December 14, 2020

Construction, mining, and transport industries all deal with the transfer of heavy loads from one place to another. And to make their works easier, project managers and contractors would utilise special pieces of equipment just to get the load movement done. Additionally, they would hire professionals that can effectively finish the job without causing injuries and damages to the project site.

One of the professionals that these industries maximise is the rigger. Riggers are professionals who are generally responsible for tying up, balancing, manipulating, and moving heavy loads within a specific area or site. The presence of riggers makes the project safer and more efficient.

Main Roles and Responsibilities of Riggers

To carry out the load movement safely and efficiently, riggers normally have additional tasks to fulfil and accomplish. Riggers must thoroughly know how to attach cables or ropes to the load, tie the right hitches, determine the feasibility of the load movement, and identify the centre of gravity on a load. They must also know how to identify any hazards that may be present on the site before proceeding with the load movement, as well as communicate the identified hazards to other people and crew members.

Aside from the mentioned responsibilities, riggers must also know how to use different types of rigging equipment. Some of these pieces of equipment include shackles, chokers, slings, and winches. They must likewise know how to move and store rigging equipment safely without causing damages or harm. Knowing how to dismantle and maintain the rigging equipment is also part of a rigger’s job.

All their works and procedures must comply fully with all safety requirements and regulations.

Top 3 Qualities of a Professional Rigger

For a professional rigger, all load movement tasks can be done easily without exposing anyone to harm. Riggers are deemed to be professionals if they possess the following qualities.

  1. Superb Decision Making: Riggers tend to operate heavy machinery regularly. And even with proper assessment and maintenance, there will be times where extraneous elements could suddenly pose danger and problem to the worksite. Truly professional riggers can quickly think of ways on how to avoid substantial harm to the people and damages on the site. 
  2. Strong Confidence: Operating different types of equipment for load movement operations is one of the responsibilities of a rigger. However, not all riggers are capable of operating them confidently and accurately. A professional rigger who has great confidence and dedication to their works can easily learn how to operate and master the operations of these pieces of equipment.
  3. Great Communication Skills: Communication is key to the success of load movement processes. Without clear communication, it would be impossible for the project to be done within the set deadline. A professional rigger should have great communication skills so that all crew members can work harmoniously and get the tasks done within the determined work schedule. 

Reliable Riggers with Adz Lift Crane Hire

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