Reasons Why Franna Cranes are Ideal for Relocation of Units, Site Sheds, and Containers

May 6, 2019

Site managers have a habit of underplaying structure relocating challenges. They’re busy putting the finishing touches on a just-completed project, and they expect crane operators to take care of their end of things. In reality, the actual lift operation, one that’ll safely relocate a potentially flimsy structure, requires a great deal of skill. Besides anything else, even the prep work, we’re going to need a Franna Crane.

Franna Cranes Are Amazingly Site-Flexible

Classed as powerful lift-and-carry cranes, Franna gear can navigate uneven worksite terrain. The mobile lifters are simply built to drive around such rough ground. Equipped with high-performance features, and lift power ranks highly among them, their versatile frames have become something of a familiar sight, especially when it comes to temporary structure relocation work. Quite frankly, there’s a reason why they’ve earned the “Taxi Crane” label. Let’s make those reasons clear:

  • Different models have different lifting capabilities
  • A surefooted work site pick-and-carry option
  • A reputation for power, performance, and reliability
  • Versatile enough to transport flimsy structures
  • Strong enough to transport dense containers

And just how flimsy or strong are work site structures? A small shed can be rickety and light. The lighter build makes the lift operation easier, but then the weaker framework could cause problems. Testing a Franna Crane’s versatility, containers tend to be more resilient, but they’re also heavier.

Temporary Structures: Prepping The Lift The Franna Crane, whether it’s a 10-tonne lifting beast or a 25-tonne hoisting behemoth, can’t do all the work. Sure, that heavy mobile lifter makes its way stoutly to the site, then it brakes and stabilizes. The boom and hook are prepared, then the operator checks for hoisting obstacles. Overhead wires are sought out above while below ground muddy deposits are avoided. Pulling out the rigging, the chains and/or flattened ropes, the Franna man has done all that he can to get ready for the lift. Meanwhile, workers have cleared the ground, disconnected the unit services, and emptied inner materials out of the temporary structure. On the other hand, if some items can’t be removed, they’ve been locked down. Now, with the preparation chores complete, that site versatile Franna gets in on the action.

The final job to be done on a shed, or container, or general-purpose unit lift is to make sure the structure is as light and as balanced as possible. With that duty done, a Franna Crane shows off its capabilities. Yet again, this vehicle brand has a well-earned reputation for carrying out light or heavy pick-and-carry work. Whether the structure is a light shed or a heavy container, this high-performance “taxi” hoister gets the job done.