Primary Factors that Can Affect the Total Costs of Crane Hire

June 22, 2021

Cranes are equipment pieces that can be used for lifting and moving heavy loads on various areas of a project site. With their main function, they can already replace the manual transfer of heavy equipment pieces, devices, and materials to their intended locations.

While many project sites truly need the cranes at some point in their operations, there will be instances where they need to be stored for a long time. Additionally, the cranes have to be maintained and serviced just to make sure that they can carry out the lifting and movement of heavy loads safely and optimally. These situations have pushed many companies to opt for crane hires, as they can already provide the needed cranes without worrying about their transportation, storage, and maintenance.

The total costs of crane hire vary based on numerous factors. Some of these factors are the following:

Classification of Crane

A wide range of crane types can be useful for different project sites. Mobile cranes, for instance, have a small form factor and can be transported easily. Their storage and maintenance costs are likewise lower compared to their bigger counterparts, which allows them to be cheaper. Tower cranes, alternatively, must be installed carefully to prevent their huge components from falling. They also have greater storage and maintenance needs than mobile cranes, making them much more expensive. 

Load Size and Weight

Aside from the crane types, the total costs of crane hire can also be affected by the required load size and weight. Essentially, cranes that can lift more heavy objects often makes them more expensive to both acquire and hire. So before hiring a crane, project managers should obtain the measurement of the materials that they need to lift and move. Even the load weight must be obtained to ensure that the cranes can effectively transfer them to their dedicated locations. Most cranes often lift around 10 to 60 tonnes. However, more powerful cranes can lift a heavy load of more than a thousand tonnes.

Overall Site Conditions

The condition of the site, particularly ground condition, access restriction, obstructions, and others, will all be considered to obtain the overall costs of the crane hire. Crane hire companies often assess the condition of the project site so they can come up with an estimated amount of crane hire. Project sites with uneven ground surface often require additional devices to ensure that the cranes can be used properly. The lifting operations of the cranes may likewise be affected by obstructions such as utility lines, trees, and nearby buildings. Road access can ultimately increase or decrease the total crane hire costs.

The Duration of Rental

This factor may be obvious, but it must still be considered when calculating the total crane hire costs. The rental duration of cranes can affect the crane hire costs given that they have to be utilised, maintained, and stored for a certain amount of days or weeks. Longer crane hire duration may mean higher total crane hire costs, but the cost per day of the same crane hire can drop when hiring the cranes frequently.

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