Most Common Questions You Should Ask Before Renting a Crane

July 25, 2022

Different industries around the world continue to utilise cranes in their daily tasks.

The construction industry, for instance, uses cranes in lifting building materials to specific areas of a building or structure. The shipbuilding industry, on the other hand, maximises the same machines in moving ship components from one place to another. Manufacturing and material loading industries also use cranes in lifting, moving, and lowering heavy loads to their intended places.

What makes cranes great is they can easily lift heavy materials, especially if they are truly compatible with the requirements of a specific project. These machines, however, can be costly to purchase. Hence, many companies in these industries rent cranes to save some money. But before renting a crane from a crane hire company, project managers like you should ask the following questions first.

How long have they been in the crane industry?

The crane hire industry is popular nowadays as it offers industries an opportunity to use cranes without spending a lot of money. But not all crane hire companies may offer excellent services. Hence, you must ask crane hire companies about their years of experience. You must also check the knowledge and skills their staff possess to verify their authority in the field. Doing this can help you gauge their competency. It can also help you check if it is plausible for you to hire crane operators from them directly.  

Do they have the cranes your project needs?

Another question you should ask must revolve around their crane offerings. Crane hire companies are expected to invest in a wide range of cranes, ensuring that they can accommodate any requests of their clients. Ideally, a crane hire company should possess mobile cranes for projects conducted in small-access areas. They must also maximise tower cranes for jobs that need heavy lifting of goods, materials, and tools at great heights. Opting for a versatile crane hire company can help speed up your project.

Are the crane operators and riggers well-trained?

Crane operators and riggers are two of the most important professionals involved in almost all crane operations. Crane operators, as their name implies, control the operation and movement of the cranes. Riggers, alternatively, are tasked to attach the loads to the cranes by using different types of rigging equipment pieces. If you will be going for wet crane hire, you must opt for those with fully packed credentials to ensure that your project will not fail and cause unnecessary damages or injuries.

Do they inspect and maintain their cranes?

One more question you should ask to crane hire companies should be related to crane inspection and maintenance. Since these companies are committed to providing cranes to clients, they must ensure that these machines will always be in good condition. When coordinating with a crane hire company, you should know if they are servicing them regularly. You should also know if their cranes already have obtained some issues before. Ultimately, you must ask if they have a logbook for their servicing of cranes so you can check any information about the crane repairs and maintenance.

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