How Can Construction Projects Benefit from Professional Riggers and Boilermakers

February 24, 2021

There are many activities that must be done to complete and finalise a construction project. Some of the most basic phases in a construction project are the planning phase, the preconstruction phase, the construction phase, and the close-out phase. During these necessary phases, several individuals and professionals must be hired for the whole project to be successful.

Individuals such as the project manager, field engineer, contract administrator, health and safety supervisor, architect, and project owners meet during the previously mentioned phases to conceptualise, brainstorm, finalise, and report all necessary details about the project. But aside from these individuals, additional professionals must be hired for the construction projects to progress. Two professionals that should be hired are riggers and boilermakers.

Appropriate Handling of Load

For the construction industry, professional riggers are individuals that can effectively tie-up, balance, manipulate, and move heavy loads with the help of the crane. They are mostly needed whenever a construction project needs to acquire the functions of a crane in moving heavy construction materials and pieces of equipment. Without riggers, these heavy things may slip and injure many people on site. Their absence can also cause the crane to tip over and eventually damage nearby structures.

Professional riggers must know how to attach the cables or ropes to the load. They must also pinpoint all the hazards associated with the lifting and moving tasks, utilise different types of rigging equipment, manipulate the positioning of the suspended loads, clean and store rigging equipment, identify the centre of gravity to stabilise load, and comply with all safety regulations. All these roles and responsibilities can be plenty, which is why they must have all the certifications, licenses, and years of experience needed. 

Installation of Boiler Systems

Boiler or heating systems are designed to heat water so that a property can acquire adequate hot water supply. Since these systems can be complicated to install and maintain, boilermakers are recommended to be hired. Boilermakers, generally, can install and maintain boiler systems. They make sure that the assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair of the boiler systems will be carried out effectively. Construction projects maximise their skills so that properties can enjoy the features of boiler systems.

Boilermakers do not only install and maintain boiler systems, but they also deal with containers that are comprised of gases or liquids. Some of the responsibilities of boilermakers include reading the blueprints to identify the location, positioning, and dimension of boiler components, installation of small boiler systems, laying out prefabricated components of large boiler systems, testing of systems for leaks or defects, and replacing or repairing broken boiler system parts, valves, pipes, and joints.

The tools and pieces of equipment needed to carry out these tasks should be handled with care. Therefore, they must also have all the needed certifications, licenses, and years of experience.

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