Guidelines for Choosing the Best Crane Hire Services Provider in Geelong

February 14, 2019

A full-service crane hire company in Geelong can list those comprehensively covered services within one, maybe two minutes. What cannot easily be described within one or two short minutes is the high standard of customer satisfaction that’s affected every time a new project is addressed. Above all else, and we humbly include our services in this group, the best crane hire companies apply scalable solutions, which address every conceivable lifting requirement 

A Scalable Lifting Approach

On shortlisting a few crane rental candidates, determine their areas of expertise. A strictly lift-oriented company will safely and easily assure the right crane fits the job at hand. Lift capabilities match load chart limits, tonnage ratings balance against job loading requirements, and the correct fleet member drives away from the hard stand. But what if an expert driver is needed to operate the crane? What if specialised equipment/services are required to get a challenging job done on time and under budget?

Provide Specialised Services

Here, to the southwest of Melbourne, larger sheds and warehouses are going in alongside multistorey structures. Contractors can take on more personnel to handle the extra load, but it’s still not easy to guarantee a fully trained, fully equipped workforce. Enter the best crane hire service in the area, a company who can hire out the right hoisting solution and stop right there. Alternatively, with the above scenario still in mind, the rental firm will stay onsite to offer specialized construction equipment and trained personnel. They’ll labour, operate the cranes, or carry out any other site work, all while under the controlling gaze of a site foreman or chargehand. 

Steel Erection Expertise

As a central guideline here, crane operators and labouring team members aren’t always enough. On projects that use structural steel framing, something a little more resource-specific is needed. To erect those structures, specialised beam and plate fasteners hook prefabricated sections and generic structural elements in place. Then, for the real coupling work, welders come to the fore. They fuse the parts, the crane operators and competent persons rig the load and safely lift it up high, and the job gets done. 

Finally, and this point is important, potential crane hire customers, be they expert contractors or not, should always do a little research of their own. In Geelong, look for a local company who has a good reputation. Past customer testimonials help, of course. Furthermore, the final couple of candidates should provide unique skill sets. Steel fabrication training is undeniably beneficial here, as is an ability to read engineering drawings. Essentially, reliability matters, and so does company credentials and a reputable work history.