Franna Crane for Hire in Geelong: Most Common Uses of Franna Cranes

February 21, 2019

Crane hire services invest hefty sums of capital when they’re building their fleets. Not surprisingly, a Franna crane is often purchased first, perhaps as an all-around workhorse lifter. Happily, even when the mobile crane hire fleet expands, Geelong-based clients still head directly to the Franna crane. The legacy mobile crane brand clearly has something to offer that’s missing from its competitor’s heavy lifting solutions. 

Franna Cranes Are Incredibly Versatile

That’s right, these mobile lifters are just about as versatile as it gets. By renting one, a contractor can carry out a lift-and-carry operation on a public road, not just inside a sandy construction site. Non-industry types can be forgiven for shrugging their shoulder at that statement. But, really, the freedom to address a heavy lift and then transport that load, heavy or light, on a public highway or road is regarded by savvy contractors as something quite special. Essentially, Franna cranes, including those located in Geelong, are as mobile as they are lift-capable. That means that the designers have paid as much attention to the vehicles’ chassis as they have to its lifting boom. No outriggers and no road-chewing crawler tracks are in the equipment’s specs, but there is a rugged mobile lifting frame, and it’s equipped with a four-wheel drive system that assures responsive roadway navigation. 

A Highly Desirable Rental Crane

The nimble lifters can easily hook a 10-Tonne load and transport it along a long road. Opting instead for a 25-Tonne lifter, a 25T Franna features a telescoping boom, which stretches to 18.4-Metres. Clearly, just like the other members of the Franna crane brigade, a load chart must be consulted before extending the boom so far. Still, between lift extendibility, road transportation options, and a lift-it and carry-it build, there are few competitors who even come close to this kind of lift/carry versatility. As for their common uses, a hired Franna crane is an ideal two worksite companion. Lifting a load while on the first construction area, it zips down the road and delivers the weighty materials or items to the second site. Road construction applications, load taxi demands, dockyard usage, and general street contractor usage scenarios aside, Franna lifters really are the best multipurpose, road-capable cranes in service today. 

Are there any disadvantages to renting a Franna Crane? Not many, that’s for sure. Well, they’re built to travel on roads, so they’re not all-terrain vehicles. With this in mind, a construction site manager should level the pathways into and off the site. Otherwise, for every light or heavy lifting job, these cranes are winners. In Geelong and all surrounding areas, the mobile cranes attract customers who demand multipurpose heavy lifters.