Essential Questions to Ask Your Crane Hire Company

March 6, 2020

Constructing huge or tall infrastructures requires lifting and moving of heavy materials and tools across the site. Some materials may be lifted manually by some builders. Other materials, however, require more powerful tools because of their weight or form factor. This lifting requirement is fortunately solved through the use of cranes.

Cranes are mostly found in construction projects of tall buildings, industrial ports, and other similar infrastructures. These tools do the heavy lifting of materials and tools that cannot be carried by ordinary builders. If you are still looking for a crane hire company, you must know the correct questions to ask so that your project will carry on without any hiccups or delays.

How much experience do you have?

Whatever services you enquire, the very first thing that you must ask is their relevant experience. Asking for their experience is a must for you to carefully assess and gauge the knowledge that they possess. An experienced company can also help you prevent any accidents or failures while performing lifting tasks. Aside from their knowledge and experience in the field, you can also ask for some of their accreditations. Accreditations help you prove that they are indeed legitimate and won’t risk any signs of failures or shortcomings.

Do you have the right lifting equipment?

Even if they have the right experience and knowledge, your crane hire company must possess the correct tool for your lifting task. For your part, you must share your required lifting tasks for your construction project. If they have determined the right tool and equipment for the tasks, then find out if they have these tools. After all, it would be best if you get a crane hire company that has all the tools and equipment needed for any type of task. Some types of crane that they must have include city crane, trailer crane, crawler crane, tower crane, and many more.

Do you offer a contract lift?

If you are still new in the construction industry, it would be if your crane hire company can offer a contract lift. The presence of a contract lift means that a crane hire company will not only supply the crane and its operator, but it will also provide lifting plans, select a suitable crane for the required tasks, and appoint somebody to supervise the whole lifting activity. Under the contract lift, your crane hire company will be liable for any event of injury to the operator. This contract lift will help you reduce the risks and financial costs of your project.

How much is the cost of your services?

The cost of lifting services will hugely depend on the type of work done and the equipment used. However, as early as the negotiation phase, you can ask for quotations right away and keep track of them all the time. When you compare crane hire companies, you must evaluate the services they offer as well as the cost of service. Not all companies that offer cheap lifting services are good, most especially if you look into the value of their overall services. There are a lot of companies that offer crane lifting services to construction projects. However, only a few of them can deliver the best services. Fortunately, we at Adz Lift Crane Hire can give you safe and reliable crane lifting services that can help you finish your construction project. Just contact us if you want to hire our services and we can provide you a quotation right away.