Crane Lifting Services: How Experts Create a Critical Lift Plan

May 29, 2020

Cranes are vital in lifting and moving objects and equipment from one place to another. Some uses of cranes include construction projects and the transfer of heavy containers. All these activities require solid planning so that the cranes will not cause any accidents and damages.

For the cranes to work perfectly, experts are required to create a critical lift plan. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a critical lift is a type of lift that exceeds 75% of the crane’s maximum capacity. It also involves multiple cranes and may require lifting personnel along with the cargo. Given these conditions, this type of lifting activity can be considered as dangerous. Hence, precise critical lift planning is a must.

As mentioned, experts usually come up with a plan before performing the actual critical lifting. They look for the following elements to determine the best critical lift plan.

Condition of the Site

In a critical lift, the condition of the site is crucial to the success of the said lift. Any possible site element that may disrupt and cause trouble to the lift will be identified and checked by the experts. From diagrams down to the physical site examination, experts will do everything just to maintain the safety of crane operations. Theoretically, a site must be fully dry to maximise the stability of the crane lift. The lift itself must be properly grounded and has enough room and space for movements.

List of Equipment

Once the site is examined, experts must list out every piece of equipment that will be needed and used on-site. These pieces of equipment are required to ensure successful and safe critical lift operations. Experts, with the help of the contractors, must ensure that all necessary equipment will arrive in proper working order. Aside from the crane itself, a good critical lift activity must obtain matting, rigging materials, weather-monitoring gear, and even legal documentation or paperwork.

Crane Requirements

Choosing the best crane for critical lifting is crucial to its success since accidents usually happen when hiring a wrong one. Fortunately, professional crane lifting services normally have access to a wide variety of cranes, each having its own characteristics and capabilities. Experts have the liberty to closely inspect these cranes so that they can verify which one of them should be deployed for the task. Even the setup requirements must be assessed so that the crane will be ready for the job.

List of Personnel

Another crucial element that experts look after is the people behind the critical lifting activity. All involved crane equipment must be operated and guided by professionals who know how to handle this specific task. Thus, experts select the ones who have adequate skills, certifications, and experience. Once the professionals are selected, they will be briefed well ahead of time. The list of personnel that experts select include rigger, signalperson, operator, lift director, and site supervisor. Once all these elements are performed by the experts, they will now proceed to the steps and other necessary guidelines involved in the critical lift plan. If you want to know more about critical lifts, feel free to contact us at Adz Lift Crane Hire.