The Importance of Hiring Reliable Crane Operators and Riggers

11 October 2021

Cranes have been pivotal to a lot of construction projects due to their primary functions. Through their hook, wire rope, sheaves, boom, outriggers, hoist, jib, and other main components, cranes can conveniently lift, move, and lower heavy load from one place to another. But for their primary functions to be carried out safely, they would require proper control and guidance from reliable and experienced professionals. Both crane operators and riggers must be present during crane operations since they have been trained to operate alongside various types of cranes. They likewise have enough knowledge and experience in conducting the necessary operations […]

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4 Main Reasons Why You Should Hire a Crane for Your Construction Project

08 September 2021

Construction projects are comprised of various steps. From their general assessment to the construction proper, every step of the project must be done carefully to ensure that the final structure or building can be both functional and long-lasting. Some activities that are typically conducted during a construction project would require power tools and pieces of machinery for them to be done effectively. One of the tools that a project should always have is the crane. With a crane, heavy objects can be easily moved, lifted, and lowered across the project site.  Cranes, however, can be expensive to purchase. Their maintenance […]

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4 Things to Avoid when Conducting the Rigging Process

23 August 2021

When it comes to the movement of heavy load from one place to another, project managers would often turn to cranes. Cranes are machines comprised of hoist rope, wire ropes, or chains, which are mainly responsible for the lifting, lowering, and movement of various materials in project sites. They are mainly controlled by reliable operators, ensuring that their operations will not cause any harm or damages to the surroundings. The load that will be attached to the cranes, however, is managed by riggers. Riggers are licensed professionals who carry out the rigging process. They generally ensure that the load being […]

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Basic Tips to Follow when Operating Cranes under Extreme Weather Conditions

05 August 2021

Industries that require the movement and lifting of heavy objects from one place to another would typically maximise cranes. After all, these cranes have all the components needed to perform the said actions. But for cranes to be effective, they must be operated properly first. Failure to operate the cranes properly can lead to serious issues and problems on site. For one, the cranes’ load might suddenly swing and hit surrounding structures and utility lines, causing substantial damages along the way. Additionally, objects that are being lifted by the cranes might suddenly fall, which would not only damage nearby properties […]

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Top 4 Signs Your Crane Needs Immediate Repairs

23 July 2021

Cranes have been very useful in a wide variety of industrial applications. Their core components allow them to move heavy materials around the site. They can likewise lift and place them to specific locations, ensuring that other tasks can proceed right away. The use of cranes around the worksite makes the load lifting and moving operations efficient, cost-effective, and safe. All these functions make them suitable for a lot of industries. But for them to operate properly, they must be maintained regularly. They must also be inspected to determine the condition of their parts. If you have spotted the following […]

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Basic Lifting and Rigging Guidelines for Safe Crane Operations

08 July 2021

Crane operations must be safely conducted to avoid damaging any nearby structures. They must also be done appropriately to ensure that people around the cranes will not be harmed and injured. Failure to conduct safe crane operations will only lead to damages and accidents. Two phases of crane operations that must be thought out carefully are rigging and lifting. Crane rigging is the process of preparing the crane components before they carry out the lifting of load. This specific process is followed by the lifting process, which is responsible for moving the load to its intended location. These processes must […]

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Primary Factors that Can Affect the Total Costs of Crane Hire

22 June 2021

Cranes are equipment pieces that can be used for lifting and moving heavy loads on various areas of a project site. With their main function, they can already replace the manual transfer of heavy equipment pieces, devices, and materials to their intended locations. While many project sites truly need the cranes at some point in their operations, there will be instances where they need to be stored for a long time. Additionally, the cranes have to be maintained and serviced just to make sure that they can carry out the lifting and movement of heavy loads safely and optimally. These […]

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Benefits of Hiring Cranes for Job Sites and Construction Projects

07 June 2021

Cranes are notable machines that can easily move and lift heavy objects from one area to another. These main functionalities of the cranes are all possible due to the presence of different reliable components, which include the boom, the hoist, the hook, the counterweighs, the outriggers, and the cabin. These components can be found in almost all types of cranes. However, not all of them can be mobile and move around the site right away. Some of them have to be installed directly on the ground so that the lifting operations can be conducted properly. Other differences that are prevalent […]

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How do Cranes Lift and Move Heavy Load in a Project Site?

24 May 2021

One of the most prominent industries today that carry out dangerous activities is the construction industry. This specific industry is known for carrying out tons of projects on various sites around the world, ensuring that structures and buildings will be built for different purposes. What makes the construction activities dangerous is that there are a lot of elements on project sites that can pose risks to the people and cause damages to the surrounding objects. That is why most contractors and project managers of construction projects have to ensure that safety precautions will be followed. The use of appropriate machines […]

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Basic Crane Inspection and Maintenance by Adz Lift Crane Hire

10 May 2021

When it comes to the basic movement of heavy load and construction products, the construction industry often turns to cranes to carry out the said processes. Construction companies utilise different kinds of cranes to ensure that the handling of materials will be done effectively and efficiently. While cranes can assure excellent lifting and movement of load from one place to another, they must still be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid any mishaps and problems during their operations. That is why we, at Adz Lift Crane Hire, make sure that our cranes will be inspected and maintained all the time. […]

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