Basic Crane Inspection and Maintenance by Adz Lift Crane Hire

May 10, 2021

When it comes to the basic movement of heavy load and construction products, the construction industry often turns to cranes to carry out the said processes. Construction companies utilise different kinds of cranes to ensure that the handling of materials will be done effectively and efficiently.

While cranes can assure excellent lifting and movement of load from one place to another, they must still be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid any mishaps and problems during their operations. That is why we, at Adz Lift Crane Hire, make sure that our cranes will be inspected and maintained all the time.

Conducting Pre-Checks

Before inspecting and maintaining the cranes, we make sure that we fully understand the type and condition of the cranes that we are handling. From their specifications to their previous records, all these things must be assessed for the maintenance to be effective. One of the things that we check first is their inspection and maintenance records. Other things that we assess are their maintenance requirements, qualifications needed for crane operators, and the correct usage of the cranes. Conducting these pre-checks allows us to perform the subsequent maintenance works correctly and appropriately.

Examining Crane Setup

Crane inspections typically start by assessing the crane setup. A lot of variables must be assessed in examining the setup of the cranes. For one, we check whether there are potential obstructions that can hamper the operations and movement of the cranes. We also check the condition of the ground, ensuring that it can maintain the stability of the crane. The structural integrity of the cranes must also be assessed so that the attachments, wire ropes, boom sections, and others will remain secure throughout their operations. Crane loading condition is also checked to avoid overturning the cranes. 

Performing Inspections

Cranes can cause damages and injuries if they generate problems. Therefore, we often conduct all types of inspections for their general safety. One type of inspection that we do is daily inspection. It covers the assessment of moving parts, filters, wire ropes, wheel tread, emergency switches, boom and jib, lubrication, brakes, and others for problems or defects. Another type of inspection that we conduct is major inspection. This entails the assessment of parts that are included in daily inspections as well as other parts such as structural attachments, outrigger assemblies, mainframe, drums, and others. Right after identifying parts that have issues or defects, repairs or replacements are then done immediately.

Recoding All Activities 

From pre-checks to the actual maintenance, everything that we conduct are recorded so that they can be used as a guide whenever the cranes will be checked again in the future. All the records of inspections and maintenance works can provide proof that the cranes are indeed checked and serviced accordingly. They can also be utilised to know all the parts that have been replaced, the types of damages that have been identified, the names of the people who have conducted the checks and repairs, and so on.

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