ADZ Lift Crane Hire’s Commitment to Safety Crane Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic

February 11, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, which is why different industries must still follow precautions to prevent the widespread of the disease within their business establishments and worksites. One of the industries that should be cautious about the disease is the crane industry.

Crane industry, which is directly tied to the construction and transport industry, has been very helpful in moving and lifting heavy objects from one place to another. Without the said industry, it would be impossible for the construction and transport industries to finish their tasks easily. We, at ADZ Lift Crane Hire, know this very well. Hence, we make sure that we can provide safety crane operations amidst the continuous threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Managing Risks Related to Crane Operations

When it comes to crane operations, we assure clients that we manage all risks seriously. We follow a systematic process of identifying all possible hazards, assessing the risks whenever necessary, controlling them, and reviewing control measures.

All potential hazards must be fully identified first so we can successfully manage and prevent them from causing property damages and injuries. We identify them by observing the workplace where the cranes will be operated and how they can possibly interact with other surrounding structures and elements. We likewise ask the crane operator, crane crew, and others about problems that they may have encountered at the site during essential operations, maintenance, transport, and storage.

Once all hazards are identified, the associated risks and needed control measures will be then known. Some of the common risks that are associated with crane operation hazards include structural failure or collapse of the crane, contact of the crane and its load with people and other structures, and falling objects. A risk assessment, at this point, will help identify the set of actions that can effectively control these risks and prevent damaging effects to the surroundings.

The control measures will then be reviewed regularly, allowing us to ensure that they will be effective. This review will also integrate additional actions and measures in mitigating crane-related issues.

Carrying Out Optimum Crane Operations

At ADZ Lift Crane Hire, we make sure that our cranes can truly perform the tasks needed by a specific site. When choosing our cranes, we see to it that we inspect their complete life cycle, their optimal performance and usage duration, their maximum load, and other elements that define their quality. We also ensure that the cranes will have safe access points, comfortable seat design, safe visibility components, and environmental controls that can save workers and operators from danger.

Before carrying out crane operations, we often conduct inspections and pre-use safety checks so we can assess the true condition of the cranes. The inspection and testing of cranes often include their entry and exit points, limit switches and load indication devices, and other essential crane components.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic, we ensure that all personnel will follow the basic workplace guidelines and minimum health protocols. Some of the protocols include the use of personal protective equipment, the practice of physical distancing, the regular assessment of workers’ health, and many more.