A Complete Overview About Industrial Rigging Services

April 26, 2022

For industrial companies to become successful, they have to carry out a wide array of tasks and activities. And the only way to do this is to maximise different equipment pieces and machines.

One thing about equipment pieces and machines is they are heavy. Most of them weigh 20 tons or more, making their movement and transfer not that easy. Another fact about these things is they are delicate. The operations of these machines have been designed to make sure that they work according to the needs of a business. Without using them correctly, they would only end up getting damaged, which can cost companies a lot of money.

If you are thinking of moving some equipment pieces and machines to your industrial building, you may have to opt for industrial rigging services.

Primary Purposes

Rigging is the process of securing, moving, and putting down a load by utilising rigging components. Industrial rigging comes into play if the load pertains to heavy construction equipment pieces, industrial and manufacturing tools, and other similar machines.

This specific process is often done whenever an industrial plant undergoes reorganisation. The relocation of an industrial plant from one place to another can also take advantage of industrial rigging. Other notable purposes of industrial rigging services include machinery upgrades, dismantling and removal of decommissioned machines, assembly and installation of new equipment pieces, and crane rigging.

Major Industries

Different industries can take advantage of industrial rigging services.

One of the industries that can benefit from industrial rigging services is the construction industry. Tons of machines and tools must be moved across a construction site. By maximising these services, contractors can attain and operate these things without any issues. From excavators to backhoe loaders, industrial rigging service providers have all the tools needed to move them.

The manufacturing industry can also take advantage of industrial rigging services. This industry mostly stores its manufactured goods in containers before shipping them to different places. Industrial rigging, fortunately, can load and unload these containers in just a short time.

Mining, metalworking, and power generation industries can likewise utilise industrial rigging services. The mining industry can maximise industrial rigging by transporting their mining tools across mining sites. The metalworking industry, alternatively, can load and unload metalworking machinery containers through industrial rigging. The power generation industry, ultimately, can utilise industrial rigging by delivering generators and other power-related equipment pieces to another place without any issues.

Rigging Equipment

When conducting an industrial rigging service, a service provider would have to utilise a crane. The crane must have the right lift capacity, maximum lifting height, and horizontal reach so it can work optimally. Upon picking the appropriate crane, they must then pick the right rigging components for the process. Some of these components are hooks, shackles, wire ropes, nylon slings, and spreader bars. All these components should have the correct specifications for the industrial rigging to be successful.

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