4 Major Tips You Should Carry Out to Ensure Safe Crane Operations

December 2, 2021

Cranes are valuable to projects that require lifting, movement, and lowering of heavy loads. As long as they are operated safely, they can surely carry out their functions without causing any issues.

Alternatively, if the cranes are not operated safely, they would certainly cause dangers that can be both costly and harmful. One danger that may occur during an unsafe crane operation is falling loads. The safe rigging of the cranes is essential so that loads will not fall during their movement. Once they fall unexpectedly, some people around the site may get injured or even die. Other dangers associated with unsafe crane operations are damages to nearby structures, electrocution, and falling crane parts.

If you want to ensure that your crane operations will be conducted safely, here are some tips that you and your employees should carry out.

  1. Conduct Training Sessions

One great tip to ensure that your employees can work safely with cranes is to conduct regular drills and training sessions. By conducting a wide array of drills and training sessions, your employees can be fully equipped with ample knowledge about all the things that they should and should not do before, during, and after crane operations. Doing this can likewise help them understand the effects of ignoring safety and prevent them from acquiring injuries and accidents.

  • Stand Away from the Load

Another tip that can ensure safe crane operations is to refrain employees from standing under the crane or load. A crane is comprised of lifting components and operating mechanisms that are known to be large and heavy. Once they drop accidentally on the ground, they could easily crush everything underneath them. Letting your employees know where to stand or position during crane operations can easily save them from potential injuries or deaths.

  • Conduct Regular Maintenance

Cranes can surely work correctly if they are assessed and maintained all the time. Hence, you must ensure that your cranes will be checked, maintained, and repaired regularly. The regular maintenance of your cranes makes sure that their components are still in great condition. It can also ensure that any faulty components will be fixed or replaced right away. If some of the cranes have completely deteriorated, then they must be excluded from conducting site operations.

  • Wear the Right Set of PPE

Now, going back to your employees, you must make sure that they wear the right set of personal protective equipment. When working with cranes, your employees must wear appropriate foot, head, and eye protection so they can be protected from any unexpected accidents on site. Once employees have violated this tip, the supervisor on-site should prevent them from working until they have fully complied with the identified PPE requirements.

Many more tips can be followed to ensure safe crane operations. These tips include the proper enforcement of load and lifting limits, the placement of warning signals, and the precise planning of the whole crane operations. 

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