4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Renting a Crane

April 7, 2022

Purchasing a crane can be expensive. Once you get past the initial costs of buying one, you must still spend some money just to store and maintain the crane.

All the money spent on a single crane may not be worthy, especially if you have a limited budget. As an alternative, you can rent a crane to minimise expenses. You even have the option to hire multiple cranes in one project without costing a lot of money. By renting a crane, you can easily save plenty of resources since its transport, operation, maintenance, and storage are already covered by its overall hiring cost. The rented crane is also insured, saving you from any troubles once it acquired some damages.

Even though most crane-related activities are already covered by the crane hire company, the success of your crane operation still relies on your actions and decisions. When renting a crane, you must make sure that you avoid the following mistakes.

  1. Incorrect Crane Selection

One advantage of crane hire services is they allow you to choose from a wide selection of cranes. Remember, however, that these crane options can only suit specific applications. Picking the wrong crane, therefore, must be avoided so you can proceed with your project. When picking a crane, you must consider the purpose of your project, your lifting requirements, and your site conditions. Providing these key details to the crane hire company can be a good move so they can suggest the right crane for you.

  • Relaxed Rental Schedule

Crane rental companies can usually offer their cranes right away. And so, you might get too excited and instantly secure some cranes without planning out your rental schedule. The rental expenses associated with crane hires include not only the servicing and transport of the cranes but also their overall rental duration. Failure to plan and execute crane-related activities ahead of the crane arrival will only lead to delayed projects and more expenses.

  • Skipping Site Preparation

All equipment pieces and tools in a project site can only work optimally if their surrounding conditions have been prepared and organised carefully. Failure to prepare your worksite can be disastrous as some objects might hinder your rented cranes from performing optimally. Worse, several overhead obstacles could collide with the crane components, causing the cranes to trip. It can also lead to falling loads, which can be extremely dangerous for workers on-site.

  • Unskilled Crane Operator

One more mistake that you should not commit when renting a crane is to maximise an unskilled crane operator. No matter how good a crane is, it will not carry out its intended functions and purposes if it is controlled by an unskilled crane operator. Before hiring a crane for your project, you should know first if your staff members can operate the crane you want to hire. If there is none, then you may want to opt for a wet crane hire so that the crane can already be paired with a professional crane operator.

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